5 Picture-Perfect Wedding Dress Photo Opportunities

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Every bride deserves a perfect wedding day, along with beautiful wedding dress pictures to add into her photo album.  All little girls dream of their big day, and, as women, we can’t let the little girls we once were down. However, weddings and wedding photographers can be expensive, and that’s without adding on the issue of tracking down specific, breathtaking locations for flawless perfect bridal solo shots. Luckily, we have five great ways to get your perfect wedding photos without busting the bank on renting out places to take them.

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Take Advantage of Mother Nature
The seasons are always changing, and each one is unique and gorgeous in their own ways. For a spring wedding, take pictures outside by the newly green trees. That brand new green color just won’t come back again for the rest of the year. Having a summer wedding?

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Take advantage of the strong sunlight and maybe even take some pictures in your dress at a nearby lake or beach.

For autumn weddings, the fallen leaves are your red, yellow, and orange canvas. Finally, for winter weddings, don’t be afraid to be one with the snow -- blissful, poofy, white harmony.  The seasons are the most natural and the most artistic thing you’ll find anywhere, so don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage. You’ll always remember how beautiful nature was around the time of your special day.

Locate An Artsy Wallpaper

Don’t underestimate the power of a great wallpaper. If you, a friend, or a family member have a lovely wallpaper available at home, clear out some space and take some wedding dress photos there. Even if you know a place, like a local coffee shop, that has a great wallpaper or some cool portraits you wouldn’t mind posing with, go for it. Wallpapers have terrific designs that can be the ideal backdrop for you to show off your wedding dress. If done well, your photos will end up looking highly professional, and you will not have even dropped a cent to lock in this artistic location.  Additionally, these photos will look classy and modern. It’s a win-win.

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Use Your Furniture
We see our furniture every day, so it doesn’t occur to us that this could be a great addition to our wedding photos. Find your favorite furniture in your home, clear the space behind it, and model with those couches and tables.  Place some flowers and doilies on the tables.  Pose on top of a table. Lean against your grandfather clock and say cheese.  Sit or lay down on the sofa and strike a pose that would make Cinderella jealous. You’ll look like a princess who is ready to reach her destination: happily ever after.

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Stand Against a Dark Background

Dark colors make an excellent contrast against a white wedding dress. Hang up a dark sheet or paint over your wall with some black or dark grey paint. In the pictures, you’ll look like you went to a photo studio when, in actuality, you didn’t. These will give you highly professional, chic photos that will stand the test of time. Plus, these shots against a dark background will totally make you feel like a supermodel.

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Find the Beauty in Your Hometown

Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or the city, every town has some beauty to share. If you’re in the country, take advantage of nature for some beautiful, earthly shots.  Take some classic shots in the farms. Pose in the forests.  In the suburbs? Find some green grass, giant trees, or old-fashioned arches and pose with them.

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Model next to the beautiful flowers in the park. Take advantage of the beautiful, old buildings in your town and get some pictures there as well.  If you’re in the city, don’t be afraid to use the skyscrapers and terraces as your background. Embrace those twinkling lights -- they’re twinkling for you. If you have a university campus nearby, be aware that it comes with plenty of great photo opportunities. Every place has beauty -- the key is to discover it, and to then use it to take the perfect wedding photos.

You’re getting married, and the world is your backdrop. Anything that may seem stunning in your eyes probably is, so get a picture with or against it. Your wedding photos will be unique and special, and you’ll have plenty of glamorous pictures to look at in your wedding album, or digital picture frame for years to come. After all, this is your time to shine. For more wedding photo ideas, check out this blog post by Nixplay


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