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The style you will choose for your wedding dress will be influenced greatly by your personality as well as by the ceremony you are planning to have. In doubt, ask for advice but stay with what you have in mind. Some Brides will want to be themselves, other will look for an entirely different image and other will dream of a fairytale dress.

The most important thing is not to feel like you are wearing a fancy dress but still to be able go all the way and fulfil your dream. Very often, a bride tries too much to please everyone: her mother, friends, fiancé, mother in law.

You also must be aware that your dress should fit you perfectly, it is crucial.

Other factors to take into consideration are colour, fabric, size, silhouette and lace style. No doubt you already have in mind the style of dress that you wish to wear according to the theme and the tone of your wedding, the season, the venue, whether you decide of a religious ceremony in winter or an informal ceremony on the beach in summer, and the styles of others, groom, bridesmaids, relatives and guests to ensure that the wedding will be harmonious. Those will vary according from season to season. Try to imagine yourself in your dress and feel as comfortable as you can in it.

Every bride wants to wear the perfect dress. To find this perfect dress, which will flatter your figure, accentuate in the best way the features you most like about yourself and mask those you are not so pleased with, we invite you to read the following.

This brief glossary should help you to become familiar with various classic styles and decide which one will be more suited to your personality and your figure and allow you to feel beautiful and confident on this day where you will be the centrepiece of a memorable event of your life which will stay in your memory for ever.

Looking through wedding magazines, shops and attending wedding fayres, you will find a great diversity of designs, but to simplify your options, let’s look basic dress waistlines:

Natural waistline
Dropped waistline

As you might guess by its name, the seam of this waistline rests on the natural waistline, ending your torso at the narrowest area of your body, between your ribcage and your hips.

The waistline of any style of dress will be defined from the natural waistline, whether it is raised above the natural waistline, i.e. the Empire waistline ,or lowered, i.e. the dropped waistline or Basque waistline.

This waistline creates a balance in the body's proportions and is very flattering for "petite" silhouettes.

It is used in most ballgown dresses, where a very fitting bodice ends at the natural waistline and separates the body in half , bringing harmony to the whole outfit.

3 to 5 inches below the natural waistline, the dropped waistline stops at the hips.

Very flattering for full figured brides, this waistline elongates the silhouette and will bring back some proportion in the figure of someone with fuller lower body or a short waist or both.

It also looks stunning on a very slim silhouette.
Basque waistline
Raised waistline
Starting from the sides of the natural waistline, the Basque waist is a fitted dropped waistline which goes down to the front middle of the dress into a V shape, 2 to 3 inches below the natural waist.

This is one favourite style as it is flattering to most, petite or full figures. The design of this line gives an impression of height and slenderness by reducing the width of waist and hips, which will work very well with a Princess or A-line silhouette, resulting in a most elegant slimming and feminine dress.
Not as pronounced as the highly raised waistline, the seam of this waistline will sit at around one inch above the natural waistline, shortening the bodice with a result of lengthening the lower part of the silhouette.
Empire waistline
This waistline is raised in a very pronounced way above the natural waistline. This very distinctive high waist look, which begins directly below the bust and in the case of the Empire style falls to a soft slender skirt will be perfect if you wish to cover up a large waist or conceal a heavy lower part of your body. This style looks very flattering on smaller brides as it makes them look taller but might be best to avoid if you have a large bust.
This waistline runs across the front of the bodice from one side to the other in a line falling from a high raised waistline to a natural waistline or from the natural waistline to a dropped waistline. This very chic style can have a stunning slimming effect.

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