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Firstly the neckline is essential as it will catch immediately the eye of everyone and draw attention to the bride’s face, bust, shoulders and back. Whether you decide to “reveal” more of your shoulders and bust with a strapless neckline or less with a scoop neckline with sleeves, any neckline you will choose will contribute to the general harmonious balance of the whole bridal outfit. The following list will guide you through the most popular necklines ,help you to become familiar with them and decide of which will be the one!
Off the Shoulder
As you can guess by its name, this graceful classic design has the shape of the bottom of a heart. It is very popular and very flattering on most brides. It will look good on women who have a larger bust as It will draw attention to the upper part of your silhouette and enhance your “décolleté” in an elegant manner and makes your neck appear longer. It is seen often on strapless dresses. Embellishing details such as fine lace, beads, pearls or embroidery, will accent the sweetheart neckline. It can be a bit pricey but it will add an unvaluable styling startling touch to your dress.
As its name suggests, the shape of this neckline rests below the shoulders across the top of the bust line and consequently will draw attention to your uncovered shoulders and collarbone, away from your bottom half.This very elegant and feminine neckline, completed by small sleeves which only cover the upper part of the arms, is flattering on most figures, especially if you are petite, pear-shaped or full-figure, you will gain from showing off your shoulders.

But this neckline tends to make shoulders appear broader so if you are conscious about revealing your shoulders but wish to wear a resembling style, you might consider the following neckline we are looking at: the portrait neckline.

It is all about balance and proportions. On the contrary if you are thin, it is not a very safe option as this open neckline might accentuate your noticeable collarbone. If you opt for the off-the-shoulder neckline, the bodice will need to be fitted and boned for proper support and comfort when wearing your dress.
This is a low wide round in cut neckline stretching softly to the shoulders and its height can vary at the front and back.

This classic neckline exposes in a most flattering way shoulders and neck, lessening hips and waist and looks good and elegant on most figures. The open neckline is a good option for women with a large bust as it gives the illusion of a smaller bust.
Halter neck
Not unlike the off-the-shoulder style, this neckline folds around the shoulders and meets in the front middle point of the bust, like a large headscarf worn loosely over the tip of the shoulders.

This style enhances the bride’s face features and neck and might also be a better option than the off-the-shoulders for brides who are self-conscious about showing broad shoulders or fuller arms.

For instance it will look very flattering on an hourglass figure. A good choice also for brides with a smaller bust as it will give the impression of a larger bust. The portrait neckline will also heighten narrow shoulders .
Cut in the shape of the letter V at the back or front or both, the depth of this neckline varies, sometimes half way down the bodice, sometimes plunging down to the waistline, bringing a very feminine and seductive touch to the outfit.

This open neckline is flattering for full figured shapes. In a similar way to the Scoop, this is a very good choice for wider hips, as a fitted V-neck bodice will draw attention to the face away from your hips and stomach , and will enhance chest and neck with the result of a very feminine silhouette. Also a good choice for larger busted women, as by dividing the chest area it will reveal a good cleavage.

You might also want to add details to the neckline such as embroidery, a beaded edging, or decorate the bodice with beads or wear jewellery; all these touches will also contribute to draw the eye away from your less flattering parts.
This sleeveless style is formed by straps, which fasten round the back of the neck or a bodice with a high neck, which reveals very generously the upper arms and the back, producing a very feminine and sexy effect.

This glamorous neckline will attract attention to the shoulders, which is a good thing if you have great shoulders or are conscious of a maybe too large bust and too wide hips and waist but not such a good idea if you have narrow shoulders.

You need to ensure that you will be wearing a good bra designed specially for this particular type of neckline. This neckline can look stunning on taller women with broad shoulders and toned upper arms.
Spaghetti or shoe string straps
Very thin straps which run straight over the shoulders and down the back or can be tied around the back of the neck. This minimalistic look is splendid on slender silhouettes but not such a good choice for brides with a fuller bust or narrow shoulders.

If you have planned a traditional ceremony in a church where revealing more of your upper body might be regarded as unsuitable, or you wish to protect yourself from the elements, you might consider covering your shoulders for the time of the ceremony with a soft drape, a sheer stole, or a bolero jacket which will bring an element of precision and proportion to the general shape of the outfit.
Combined with an A-Line skirt, the strapless neckline has become increasingly popular, as many shoulders look attractive when uncovered.

Very fitting, with no sleeves or straps, it might come straight in the front or shaped. Again, it will be flattering if you have a larger bust in the way this neckline appears to “break” the chest area and lessen the width of the bust and give the illusion of a smaller bust .

But do ensure that you will be wearing a perfectly fitting bra as you do not want to be distracted all day long by the discomfort of having to adjust the upper half of your dress. To those who have a curvy figure, this neckline matched with a shaped boned bodice, which very good support makes the use of a bra an option, will look stunning.

It is not such a good choice for narrow shoulders, however, where as we have seen previously a portrait neckline is more flattering, and for smaller chested women for a very simple reason: a strapless dress is generally boned and designed to enhance the bust.For similar reasons to the spaghetti straps neckline we looked at previously, you may wish covering you bare shoulders with a drape or a bolero.
Running gently from one shoulder to the other, in a similar way back and front, this very classic neckline adopts the shape of a shallow curve along the collarbone to the border of the shoulders.

Very flattering for women with smaller chests as less revealing than for instance the off-the shoulders line, as it will give the illusion of larger chests and draw the eye up to the face and neck.

For this reason, it is not such a good choice for women with larger bust and the same goes for broad shoulders, as they will appear even wider. This neckline will also create a delicate stylish effect when worn without sleeves.
Jewel or T-shirt neckline
Queen Anne Neckline
This neckline actually looks like a T-shirt, featuring a high round neckline which follows closely the shape of neck and shoulders and rests at the base of the throat. This more conservative look was originally created to enhance the effect of jewellery. The simplicity of this neckline contributes to give a very elegant and charming touch to the dress, above all when worn sleeveless.

The silhouette of brides with narrow shoulders and smaller busts will be flattered by this neckline as it creates an illusion of fuller chests when on the contrary brides with larger chests might avoid this option. The same goes for brides who wish to de-emphasise broad shoulders.
This consists of a high collar in the back and sides of the neck coming round in the front in an open sweetheart neckline shape. This traditional style, originating from Queen Anne’s reign period in the 18th century has a very stylish look. Giving the impression of lengthening the neck, it will convey certain poise and be stunning on almost every bride.
As its name suggests, this neckline is cut into a half-square shape with right angle corners.

It is very flattering for most figures. In a similar way to the scoop neckline, this style makes the neck look longer by drawing the eye to the upper part of the body and diminishing hips and waist.

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